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Let Your Voice Be Heard

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"Oppose the Western Bypass"

The YELLOW LINK above will take you to a new polling site we created that will email your selected comments directly to the DRPT. We added a little extra feature that will send a copy of your email back to you so you can see your original email was actually sent and be assured DRPT actually received it, exactly as you intended. You can also write as much as you want to say directly to DRPT to really get your point across.


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The Mayor of Ashland, Ashland Town Council and Randolph Macon College are leading a well-funded campaign advocating for the construction of two sets of railroad tracks around the west of Town.  The Department of Rail and Public Transportation completed a study to analyze additional tracks and an expansion of freight rail service along the 123-mile corridor from DC to Richmond.  There are (4) proposed Western Bypasses in Western Hanover as well as a bevy of recommendations for taking the additional freight through Ashland along the existing right-of-way.

The “public comment” portion of the DRPT Environmental Impact Study ends on November 7th and the Commonwealth Transportation Board will give its decision to the Federal Rail Administration December 5th.

Families Under the Rail was formed to educate our neighbors and defeat the proposed Western Bypasses. We do not advocate for any the of existing alternatives to bring the additional rail and freight through the Town of Ashland. That is something for the DRPT and the Town of Ashland to resolve.


There is not much time left and Ashland has their in-house media machine running and pushing for a Western Bypass every day.


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